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The pricing of our products varies

based on a few characteristics-- the 2 biggest factors being

detail of the design(s) + saturation/number of colors

(example fiesta sets will be more expensive than a pink baby shower set.

 Another way to think about it, a Burgundy wedding will be more expensive than

a pale pink wedding due to the saturation of color)


Base price is $50 per dozen.

This would be single-color iced cookies with

very simple detail

Most of our sets that you see on our Instagram

range from $55-$65-- this is because most include

florals, intricate details, and or metallic accents.

Character/Pet themes are the most expensive cookies

that we offer and start at $65 a dozen and can go up

depending on the details and colors needed. 

Because of the time intensive nature of these sets,

we may not be able to fit your order in even when

our calendar says open.

We are currently fully booked for custom order in 2022,

but will offer several Holiday Pre-Sales

including Thanksgiving, Elf on a Shelf + Christmas.

Interested in Ruby Lou Cookies for your next event?

Please submit a detailed message to request availability

and a price quote; we will respond as soon as possible!!

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